Service List

Hair Styling

  • Shampoo and Blowdry
    $18 to $25
  • Addtional Flat Iron or Curling Iron

Haircut and Styling

  • Including Shampoo and Blow Dry
    $25  $30  $35  $40 and up


  • Foil Highlights
    $65 and up
  • Partial Foil Highlights
    $45 and up

Permanent Hair

  • Permanent Wave
    $75 and up
  • Quality Solutions
    $15 and $25
  • Setting Perm
    $150 and up

    *(Our perms include Haircut and Styling)

Straight Perm

  • Japanese Thermal Reconditioning
    $260 and up
  • Straightening Perm
    $180 and up

    *(Our perms include Haircut and Styling)


  • Color Retouch
  • One Processing Color
    $45 and up
  • Semi Permanent Color
    $45 and up

Hair Treatment

  • Steamer Treatment
    $30 and up
  • Scalp Treatment


  • PPT DO Treatment (for colored or perm hair)
    $45 and up
  • *NEW Inphenom Treatment (Treatment to repair the hair from the inside out!)

*We do suggest our customers to come in for a consultation before making an appointment*

Setting Perm

Setting perm is the latest breakthrough technology in the hair fashion.   It is the best combination of straight and curly hair.  We can customize your hair to fit any desired style.  We will make you look and feel like falling in love again and again.


Straight Perm

Milbon Straight Liscio makes resistant/curly/wavy hair look naturally straight & shiny and manageable.  What is Thermal Reconditioning? With thermal reconditioning, your hair becomes silky, smooth, and shiny. After the treatment, the hair becomes more manageable and looks healthier.

To get the best result of thermal reconditioning, it is crucial to use the right products, the right technique, and most importantly, to choose the right hairstylist with extensive knowledge and experience of this treatment. 

Hair Extension Design

Imagine having thick, long, healthy-looking hair that until now has been almost unattainable. We introduces a new hair extension process that will transform hair into a full bodied, long, rich textured and stunning look that was formerly available only to entertainers and fashion models.

*Please call and come in for a consultation for this service.